Question Defense Tools Section

In this section you will find various tools, code snipets, and other useful stuff. If you have a request or need for any online tools not already listed below contact us via the Question Defense contact form.

.:: Online Web Based Tools ::.

Our online based tools make your life easier by either lending our GPU power or completing tasks that can be a hassle.

phpmyadmin blowfish secret generator

The phpMyAdmin Blowfish Secret Generator is specifically for generating the $blowfish_secret variable required by phpMyAdmin. It generates a random 46 character string that includes lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. click here

bluetooth class of device/class of service list

We have a growing list of Bluetooth Class’s also know as Bluetooth Class of Device/Class of Service or Bluetooth CoD’s. If you are not familiar with Bluetooth CoD’s click here for a detailed explanation. This list continues to grow but it doesn’t mean there isn’t valuable data already included so click the following link to see a list of Bluetooth CoD’s in binary format and hexadecimal format. We also break down the bitmask of each CoD along with details for Major Service Class, Major Device Class, and Minor Service Class. Last but not least we continue to add Bluetooth device examples which help explain what kind of device would work with each different Bluetooth Class. click here

wpa/wpa2 password audit/cracker

** WARNING ** This tool should be used for security audit purposes only. The intended use is for Information Security professionals to use this tool to ensure wireless security on client networks.

The audit costs $10/attempt but read further and you will see why. We have generated a dictionary list of over 1.5 billion words which we use to perform a dictionary attack against the CAP file you upload to our server at 250,000 combinations/second. We will return results to you via email in less than 4 hrs as long as there is nobody in line in front of you when your cap file is uploaded. A above average desktop computer would take weeks to perform the same task but we are able to test against your capture so quickly because of the GPU power available in our server. read more

.:: Feedback & QD Interaction ::.

Are there other online tools you would like to see the Question Defense team develop? Let us know about them here.