Technology Errors

Zen Cart Ultimate SEO URL Install Error, cannot redeclare zen_reset_cache_data_seo_urls()

Earlier I was working on a Zen Cart site and ran into an issue installing the Ultimate SEO URL add-on. The Ultimate SEO URL add-on creates more SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly URL’s for Zen Cart. The site in question already had a previous version of the Ultimate SEO URL add-on installed and once I was finished the front-end of the site was working perfectly with the new SEO friendly URL’s. The problem was when I attempted to login to the admin portion of the Zen Cart site I was receiving a “500 – Internal Server Error” message. Below I have noted information on what was done to troubleshoot the problem as well as how the problem was resolved.

Technology Insights

Find Out Your ZenCart Version, Locate Zen Cart Version Info

I started some work on a online store today that is using Zen Cart open source e-commerce software to power the store. I love Zen Cart, which initially was branched off of osCommerce, to power online stores and have used Zen Cart or osCommerce to power online stores for going on a decade. The first thing you should always do when beginning work on an already established site is get all of the information about the software(Zen Cart, osCommerce, WordPress, etc.) that runs the web site and the software used to power the site(MySQL, PostgreSQL, Apache, Litespeed, etc.). Zen Cart makes the initial task of obtaining information about the site and some of the server software fairly easy. Use the information below to obtain the Zen Cart version.