Technology Errors

RPMForge: Could not retrieve mirrorlist error was [Errno 12] Timeout: urlopen error timed out

Earlier today I was having trouble on one of my development servers reaching the RPMForge repository which I use on CentOS Linux servers. I believe the issue to be some form of odd network issues either at the development servers location, on the repos end, or somewhere in between. Regardless of the issue at hand there is a work around that can be used which is described in more detail below.

Technology Insights

Install The EPEL Repository On CentOS Linux 5.X, EPEL Repo

Installing the EPEL repository on CentOS Linux is easy to do so the below is simply a reference point if needed by anyone. EPEL stands for Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux and is a community based repository that was created for add-on Fedora Linux packages. There are many cases where installation instructions assume that the EPEL repo is already installed so if you run into an error because of a missing package or dependency package the EPEL repository is a great place to start. Below I have listed the i386(32-bit) and x86_64(64-bit) EPEL repository package list links which will allow you to easily verify that the packages you need are available before installing the EPEL repository. After the EPEL repository package list links there are separate commands listed to install the EPEL repository on 32-bit CentOS Linux 5.X and to install the EPEL repository on 64-bit CentOS Linux 5.X.

Technology Errors

make: *** No rule to make target -largtable2, needed by ../../bin/linux/release/CUDA-Multiforcer. Stop.

When attempting to compile the CUDA Multiforcer on CentOS Linux I ran into an error because the argtable2 package was not installed on the server. The CUDA Multiforcer application is a security audit tool used to check the strength of MD4, MD5, NTLM, and SHA1 password hashes. The CUDA Multiforcer attempts to brute force one of those types of hashes by attempting every combination of characters specified such as lowercase only characters, lowercase characters and numbers, etc. This tool can be extremely beneficial for checking the strength of user passwords for various operating systems and/or applications that store their passwords in a MD4, MD5, NTLM, or SHA1 hash. As you can see in the below error the issue appears to be with argtable2 which is not a package available with the default yum repositories on CentOS. Below I display the error and describe what repository to install to be able to use yum to install the argtable2 RPM package.

Technology Errors

Yum Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: dag. Please verify its path and try again

When updating CentOS or RedHat via yum its possible to receive an error similar to the below. This error will cause an issue where yum will not work even though as described below the issue is typically isolated to one yum repository.

Error:Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: dag. Please verify its path and try again