CentOS Remove Old Kernels

Tonight when upgrading a CentOS Linux server it was noted by YUM that 15MB more disk space was needed to upgrade grub and the kernel itself. Below are four quick steps to verify what kernels are installed, install yum-utils if it is not installed already, delete previous kernels and set YUM to remove old kernels…

Technology Errors

Yum Warning: There Are Unfinished Transactions Remaining, You Might Consider Running Yum-Complete-Transaction First To Finish Them

During the build of a Linux development server earlier I performed a “yum update” to update all of the packages after installing CentOS 5.4. I got busy with other tasks and left the server at work without checking to verify that the update had worked properly. Now after dinner I started to get back to work on the server by installing some new packages via yum and received a yum warning message which I describe in greater detail below along with how to resolve the warning.