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Install rpmbuild On CentOS Linux

I have been working on setting up some new CentOS Linux servers for a company I work for and one of the things I need to do is build a more current version of Ruby than what is available in the YUM repositories. To do this I am going to download an updated version of the Ruby Source RPM built for Fedora and then build the RPM’s from that. One of the commands required to build RPM’s is rpmbuild which is provided by the rpm-build RPM package as shown below.

Technology Errors

RPMForge: Could not retrieve mirrorlist error was [Errno 12] Timeout: urlopen error timed out

Earlier today I was having trouble on one of my development servers reaching the RPMForge repository which I use on CentOS Linux servers. I believe the issue to be some form of odd network issues either at the development servers location, on the repos end, or somewhere in between. Regardless of the issue at hand there is a work around that can be used which is described in more detail below.

Technology Insights

Install ionCube Loader Using The Atomic Yum Repository On CentOS Linux

The other day I needed to install ionCube Loader for encrypted PHP code to run on a CentOS Linux server but was initially unable to find a repository that included the php-ioncube-loader RPM package. After a couple minutes I remembered that I had previously used the Atomic repo to install PHP Zend Optimizer and so I thought I would check that repository to see if an ioncube RPM package was available as well. Below I display the search for a repository that includes an ionCube Loader RPM package along with installing the package on a CentOS Linux server.