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CentOS Linux Configure Script Error – No package ‘libdaemon’ found

While running a configure script before compiling an application on CentOS Linux I received an error regarding libdaemon which caused the configure script to fail. Using YUM I was able to list the available packages that included libdaemon in the name, install one, and then move past that error in the configure script. Below I show how to list packages using YUM with libdaemon in the name and then show example output of installing libdaemon-devel which is the package needed by the configure script.

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Use Yum To List Available Packages In A Specific Repository On CentOS Linux

The Yum, or Yellowdog Updater Modified, is a great package manager if you are familiar with how to use it. If you have a bunch of repositories activated it can be useful to know what packages are available via a specific repository. It is possible to install RPM packages via a specific repository which if another package you are installing requires a specific version of a package this can be useful. Below are a couple examples of using the “yum list” command.

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Use yum on Linux to Install Previous Package Versions

When installing packages via yum the default will be to install the latest and greatest package that you request. It is possible however to install previous versions of the package by first seeing what versions of the package are available followed by a more detailed command to install a previous version.

Search Package Versions
First issue the below command to use yum yo display all versions of a package. This will only work on yum versions 8.1.X and below. See below for what to do on yum versions 8.2.X and above.


  1. yum search package_name