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Where Is The Wireless Switch On A HP Pavillion 6555b Laptop, HP Wireless Assistant: WLAN Disabled

Earlier while working on a laptop that I rarely use because it is only required to access one of my clients networks the Wireless network interface stopped working. Initially I thought the Windows XP computer was in the process of crashing however I soon figured out that this was not the case. I started looking for the Wireless switch, which is typically used on modern laptops to turn the Wireless interface off and on, but I was unable to locate it initially. Below I describe how I eventually noticed that the Wireless switch had been disabled, where the WiFi switch is located, and how to turn the Wireless switch on a HP Pavillion 6555b back to the on position.

Technology Insights

Dell Inspiron 1525 Base System Device Driver Windows XP

Earlier today I reinstalled Windows XP on a friends Dell Inspiron 1525 and while working through the custom Dell drivers I ran into a minor issue. The issue was related to some devices showing up in the Windows XP Device Manager called Base System Device. Typically these are chipset devices but I thought I had installed all of the necessary drivers so I was a bit confused. In reality I forgot to install one of the chipset drivers called Ricoh. Below is information on how to install the drivers for the unknown Base System devices on a Dell Inspiron 1525.

Technology Errors

Windows XP Recovery Console Access Denied

Recently a Dell computer running Windows XP Home Edition was dropped off at our computer shop to be repaired. The computer would not boot because it appeared that numerous Windows system files were corrupted. After some initial troubleshooting I booted to the Windows Recovery Console in an attempt to copy backups of the system files to the active locations however when I attempted to issue the copy commands from the Recovery Console I received an error of “Access Denied”. This problem can likely be fixed by running chkdsk as shown below.

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Windows XP Auto Play No Longer Working, Fix Windows XP Auto Play

Recently we removed a virus from a PC at the computer shop and after a week the customer brought it back in because Auto Play had stopped working. Since a virus had been removed and Microsoft Security Essentials installed I assumed something in the process of one of those tasks messed up auto play. Fixing the problem is really easy using the Auto Play Repair Wizard which can be downloaded from Microsoft. Follow the directions below to resolve Auto Play not working on Windows XP.

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How To Close A Window In Windows Without A Mouse

Similar to the situation I described in yesterdays article I was working on a computer with Windows XP Home Edition this past weekend and the mouse or touchpad was not working. I had navigated through various windows, control panels, etc. and needed to close some of them so I could continue. The problem was that I didn’t have a mouse and I was unable to tab to the red X in the top right corner to close the window. Use the information below to close windows on any Windows machine without a mouse installed.