Information Security

Export Nexpose Scan Templates, Import Nexpose Scan Templates

If you are working with multiple Nexpose vulnerability scanners it makes sense to want to generate a bunch of Nexpose Scan Templates on one Nexpose Seurity Console and distribute to a bunch of other Nexpose Security Console’s. There is not much documentation I could find on doing this so luckily it is fairly easy. Follow the instructions below to first export a Nexpose Scan Template from a Nexpose Security Console and then import a Nexpose Scan Template to another Nexpose Security Console. The scan templates are stored as XML so exporting consists of copying the XML file from the server running Nexpose to either your local machine or to another server running Nexpose.

Technology Insights

Add A Status To Microsoft Communicator, Modify MS Communicator Statuses

I recently started using Microsoft Communicator for a contract I am working on and wanted to customize it a bit. One of the things I wanted to be able to change was the status that displayed to other people as the default statuses are fairly generic and in my case I wanted to display if I was on an important meeting, working on a project, or just deep in thought. Below are simple directions that can be used to add customized statuses to Microsoft Communicator instant message client.

Technology Errors

FileZilla Transfer Speed Display, FileZilla FTP Not Showing Transfer Speeds

Tonight I was downloading some packages from a community FTP server I am a member of and noticed that the transfer speeds were not showing after I started to process the FileZilla FTP transfer queue. Initially I figured I must have unchecked a toolbar or accidentally¬†modified a view setting without knowing it. After reviewing the FileZilla configuration I couldn’t find anything that specified the display of the transfer speeds. Below I show FileZilla when it is not displaying the transfer speeds when it is in the middle processing a queue, what steps I took to resolve the issue, and last but not least what FileZilla should display when it is processing files from the transfer queue.

Technology Errors

Windows 7 Photoshop Crash: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Has Stopped Working

Earlier today I was about to write an article but was first going to prepare some images for that article when I attempted to launch Photoshop. During the launch of Adobe Photoshop CS4 on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop the application crashed which I have seen before and simply restarting the application resolved the issue. This time when I attempted to restart Photoshop the exact same thing would happen each time. Below I describe the specific error message that displayed during the Photoshop crash and what I did to resolve the problem.