Information Security

goofile – Backtrack 5 – Information Gathering – Web Application Analysis – Open Source Analysis – goofile

The goofile Backtrack menu item ( Backtrack > Information Gathering > Web Application Analysis > Open Source Analysis ) is a great little Python script that provides easy access and results from one of Google’s Advanced Searches. During the information gathering phase of a penetration test it provides a great method to collect data about your target by searching a domain for specific file types. Below we describe goofile in more detail and provide an example of how goofile works.

Technology Insights

Delete Every Other Line In Notepad++ Because They Are Blank Lines

This afternoon I was working on calculating dial-up costs for a specific company who uses dial-up connections for thousands of devices at customer premises. One of the dial-up providers is Earthlink who doesn’t provide an easy method to export dial-up connection details to XLS or even to text so I had to copy/paste the dial-up specifics to a file and run calculations on that file. One of the problems with doing this when copying and pasting to a text file every other line was blank so I decided to try to use Notepad++ to get rid of every other line. Below are instructions on how to do this with Notepad++.