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WordPress: Unable To Upload To The Media Library After Moving Servers

I recently moved a WordPress site from one location on a server to another location on the same server for a client. Everything seemed to work fine after following the directions in this article I had previously published. That article was specifically published for changing the domain that points to the WordPress site which could include simply changing the domain only or actually moving the site to a new server or new location on the same server and a new domain. If you are performing the second of those two options you may also need to update the “upload_path” depending on the configuration of the new server and if the paths are the same as they were on the initial server the WordPress site was installed on.

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WordPress Image Upload Error: Unable To Create Directory, Is Its Parent Directory Writeable By The Server?

I haven’t posted to my personal WordPress blog in months because I have been busy writing QD articles and working on the QD Tools section. So I got a comment posted to my personal blog tonight that inspired me to finally get back to making a blog post on the WordPress site that houses my personal blog. During the post I wanted to upload an image of my daughter which I typically do using the “Add an Image” button located in the WordPress admin “Add New” post interface. The “Add an Image” button by default allows two different methods of uploading images via your web browser which include the Flash Uploader and the Browser Uploader. On Question Defense I use a modified version of the Browser Uploader however on my personal WordPress blog I always have used the Flash Uploader. Tonight when I attempted to add a post I received an error which I initially thought to be related to permissions however that was not the case as I explain below along with steps to resolve the issue.

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How to Update WordPress Blog URL

Below are a couple simple steps to update your WordPress blog’s URL. The below is valid if you are simply switching the URL using the same domain or if you are changing the WordPress domain all together. You will run into problems if you do not make sure to update each item.

  1. Update WordPress SiteURL: In the database table wp_options make sure to change siteurl to the new URL. This should be the first row in the wp_options table.
  2. Change Blog Address: Under “Settings” and then “General” change the “Blog Address” to the new URL.