Technology Insights

Pretty Link Pro Social Network Bar Not Displaying In WordPress Posts

I have been using Pretty Link Pro, which is a WordPress Plugin, for a long time and it has definitely generated a lot of traffic for this site. Recently I noticed that Pretty link was no longer displaying the Social Media bar near the bottom of each post. This “social media” bar displays links to popular social media sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Digg, Twitter, Reddit, Technorati, StumbleUpon, etc. and automatically inserts a link back to the post with the idea that if the content is easy for people to share they will do so.

Technology Insights

WordPress Media Uploader Not Saving Title

I have not been posting a bunch lately however I am hoping I finally have the motivation to do so, but regardless I have not been posting for awhile which is why I just noticed the issue I was having uploading images via the WordPress Media Uploader. Everything appeared to work fine when uploading an image via the WordPress Admin however once I would save the image the Title would not save. If I edited the image after the initial upload the Title would save just fine. Below is how I was able to resolve the issue with the Title not saving on images uploaded via the WordPress Media Uploader.

Technology Insights

Disable Trackbacks In Existing WordPress Blog, Stop WordPress Trackback SPAM

Trackbacks, also known as pingbacks, in WordPress are a great idea however they typically generate a lot of SPAM for little benefit. A trackback is generated within a post on your site by another bloggger linking to your WordPress article. Personally I disable the display of trackbacks in most WordPress sites however I still let the sites backend process trackbacks as it normally would. This means the person generating the trackback assumes that it functions properly and the WordPress site owner still receives notification via email of the trackback or pingback. Recently though my stance is changing to completely disable trackbacks on all posts and to go back and disable it in article that were previously published and disable trackbacks in those as well because the SPAM has been getting more intense over the past 6 months. Use the instructions below to disable trackbacks on your WordPress site.

Information Security

WordPress Site Redirected To Via Search Engine Click Jacking

So earlier today I noticed a discrepancy in traffic to and because of a previous incident I knew exactly where to look. Sure enough a similar attack had been performed which we are coining Search Engine Click Jacking. In this case we are sure that a single files permissions were left open and the attackers were able to write PHP into the file which caused traffic being referred to our site from many of the major search engines to be redirected to Our site is built using WordPress however any site built in PHP with incorrect permissions on any files are vulnerable to this type of attack. Below is more information about the attack, how to search for the attack, and a simple bash script that will remove the infected code from PHP files on your web site.

Technology Insights

Disable WordPress Admin Bar In WordPress 3.1+, Disable WP Admin Bar For Each WP User

After upgrading a couple sites to WordPress 3.1 and testing various things I finally got annoyed enough by the new Admin Bar. I definitely understand the purpose of such a bar but I rarely use WordPress for just blogging software so for me and I imagine for others the WordPress Admin Bar is just in the way. Luckily you can disable or enable this on a per user basis by editing each users profile. Below are example image and instructions for disabling the Admin Bar for a user.