Technology Errors

WP Plugin Feed Comments Number Admin Page Error

I was going through and cleaning up some plugin settings recently on a WordPress site and received an error when attempting to access Feed Comments Number admin settings page. The error states that you do not have sufficient permissions to access the page though that was not the case because I was logged in as an administrator. Luckily I had run into this exact error awhile back and knew exactly where the problem was. Below I describe the error in more detail and provide resolution to the issue.

Technology Errors

Fast Secure Contact Form Error – Could not read CAPTCHA token file. Try again.

After upgrading the Fast Secure Contact Form plugin for WordPress you should definitely test to make sure things are working properly because you likely will receive an error when submitting the contact form if you are using the built in captcha. The error which is explained in more detail complains of not being able to read a token file. Below we describe how to quickly resolve the Fast Secure Contact Form captcha error.

Information Security

Backtrack 5 : Information Gathering : Web Application Analysis : CMS Identification : wpscan

One of my favorite apps in Backtrack Linux that I recently discovered is wpscan. There are a ton of WordPress sites in the wild and using wpscan is an excellent way to begin an audit on a WP site. There are a couple things that wpscan does that is really amazing such as enumerating logins from WordPress sites and enumerating WordPress plugins that are installed. Below are a couple examples of how wpscan can be useful for WordPress web site analysis.