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WordPress Mandigo Theme: Modify The Order Of The Header Navigation Menu

One of my favorite themes for WordPress is the Mandigo theme provided by a great developer named Tom from The theme is highly customizable and provides ways to customize things outside of the core files so when you upgrade you are not required to make all the modifications over again. I suggest anyone looking for a 2 or 3 column WordPress theme to check this out. One thing I like to do after installing the Mandigo theme is to modify the order of the header navigation. The header navigation links are dynamically generated from top level pages you have created. Below are brief instructions on how to make sure the order of the header navigation menu is in the order you want them to be in as well as a brief description of the code that allows this to happen.

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WordPress Default Redirect to WWW Not Working, Example from to

I recently noticed that the redirect from to was no longer working. Recently I updated WordPress and many of the plugins I have installed. The issue with this was some of the pages served from versus were serving different cached pages. After some investigating I thought the issue was related to caching however when caching appeared to b e turned off the issue still existed.

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Add The Number of Comments And A Link To Comments To Your WordPress RSS Feed

Your WordPress blog automatically has RSS feed functionality built into it. This allows people to aggregate data from multiple sites in one location to read a lot of data quickly. I personally prefer reading the data on each specific site however I have a lot of friends who prefer to use RSS feeds and then if they want to they will visit the site for more information. One of my friends recently pointed out that it would be nice if he knew when articles had comments associated to them so if a post had more data related to the post included in the comments he could read them. WordPress by default includes a post feed and a comment feed. The comment feed is not very useful since its a full list of comments and doesn’t organize them by post so if there is a conversation between numerous people in one article its hard to read correctly.

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WordPress mysqldump Backup Corrupted Because of Blob Fields in Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro MySQL Tables

During a recent WordPress upgrade I was performing I noticed an issue with the mysqldump of the WordPress database which was causing the actual .sql file backup of the database to not read properly. After investigating I noticed that the atpp_page_cache table from Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro included Blob columns that were not dumping properly with the default mysqldump syntax as shown below.


  1. mysqldump -u root -p databasename > db_backup_file.sql

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Amazon Machine Tags WordPress Plugin Not Working After Upgrade

If you are using the Amazon Machine Tags plugin for WordPress then you are aware that Amazon recently changed their policy for the Amazon Product Advertising API and now will require that all requests are authenticated. Initially with the AMT (Amazon Machine Tags) plugin you wethe re only required to have the Amazon Access Key ID configured and not the Amazon Secret Access Key. Most people probably already had the Secret Access Key configured however if you did not have your “Secret Access Key” configured then after upgrading the AMT plugin will no longer work. If this is the case then your Amazon Machine Tags will display like the below in your WordPress posts instead of displaying the product properly.

Example AMT WordPress Post Tag: “[ amtap book:isbn=0596510489 ]”