Code Snippets

Add SEO Friendly Page Titles To The WP-Forum WordPress Plugin

Awhile back I found some code that described how to make the page titles for the WP-Forum WordPress plugin SEO friendly. By default WP-Forum includes the site name and title of the forum itself for every page generated by the forum. To generate more web traffic for your site it will be beneficial to modify the page titles so they include post title and/or forum group name. Follow the directions below to dynamically generate new page titles for each forum post.

Technology Insights

Translator Plugin Pro: Translated Page Links Are Linking Back To Default Language

I have been using Angsuman’s Translator Plugin Pro to provide language translations on numerous WordPress blogs for a long time. Recently I noticed that when visiting translated pages the links contained within those translated pages were linking back to the default language which in my case is English. This makes trying to navigate through the site in a different language much more of a hassle.

Technology Insights

List Of Changed Files Between WordPress 2.8.5 and WordPress 2.8.6

I have multiple sites I manage that run WordPress so I try to stay up to date on all of them. If you stay on op of upgrading WordPress then most of the updates are fairly easy and don’t require changing that many files. Instead of uploading the entire set of files again it is easiest to simply upload the modified files. This will allow you to not have to make all of your custom modifications again if you have made customizations to any core WordPress files. Customizing core WordPress files is something I try to stay away from but there are definitely situations where I have modified core files to accomplish various goals. Anyhow since I haven’t found a site that keeps a consistant list of changed WordPress files I am going to try to start providing a list for each upgrade on Question Defense from now on.