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Create A New WordPress Admin Page And Add It To The WP Admin Menu

After a recent issue I ran across I decided I needed a way I could view a list of WordPress posts with the most comments so I searched for a simple plugin that would do that. I couldn’t find anything that did specifically what I wanted to though I did find a WordPress plugin called Most Commented that would display a front-end widget with a list of posts with the most comments. After installing it I needed to modify the plugin to display a page in the WordPress admin section located at /wp-admin. Below I will describe how to create a plugin that generates a WordPress admin page and adds a link to the WordPress admin navigation.

Technology Insights

WordPress External Links Plugin Not Displaying Posts With Lots Of Comments

I just discovered the WordPress External Links plugin and couldn’t be happier with it. The plugin only has a couple functions but the SEO benefit seems to really be amazing. The External Links plugin will add a “nofollow” tag to all of the links on your WordPress blog which tells search engines to not count the link against your page rank. An extra benefit of the plugin is the fact that it adds a small external link icon at the end of each external link so readers of your WordPress blog know that they will be leaving the site. One other function of the plugin is you can make all external links open in a new window though I chose not to enable this because I cannot stand when reading articles and when I click on a link and it opens a new window.

Technology Insights

Youtube With Fancy Zoom WordPress Plugin Not Working Over HTTPS After FORCE_SSL_ADMIN Set

I recently installed the Youtube With Fancy Zoom WordPress plugin on one of my personal web sites so I could upload and display videos of my daughters. This plugin allows you to upload videos to the YouTube, reference them in your WordPress admin, and then display them in a nice pop up window on your website. This way they are streamed from YouTube but the person visiting your site doesn’t have to leave your site to view the video. 

Technology Errors

Enabling FORCE_SSL_ADMIN in WordPress Breaks Image/Media Upload In The WordPress Admin

I have been having a problem with the media browser uploader for a couple days since I enabled FORCE_SSL_ADMIN in my wp-config.php file. I finally got some time tonight to look into the issue and I am embarrassed it took me so long to resolve. This was a classic example of trying to make something more complicated than it really was. The issue ended up being with a WordPress plugin I had installed called Flexible Uploader. This plugin provides all the functionality of the flash media uploader to the browser media uploader. It turns out that this plugin has not been updated in a long time and some of the URL building functions have changed in the newer versions of WordPress. Below I explain how to easily resolve the issue.

Technology Insights

Create Your Own TinyURL Engine Using Pretty Link WordPress Plugin

Long links on your WordPress blog are great for SEO purposes however when emailing people links or posting links on the web it is nice to post a manageable length URL instead. There is a plugin available for WordPress called Pretty Link that allows you to generate short URL’s with ease. There are two versions of Pretty Link available which include a free version and Pretty Link Pro which is a pay version that cost $97.  Depending on what your needs are with creating short URL’s using your domain the price is more than reasonable for Pretty Link Pro. I currently only use Pretty Link a limited amount so the free version currently serves its purpose for me though I plan to upgrade in the future to Pretty Link Pro. Below I describe some of the features of the Pretty Link WordPress plugin.