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Pretty Link Pro – Tweet Post After Publishing

We use the Pretty Link Pro WordPress plugin, which is a bargain and can be purchased by clicking here, to tweet articles under the @questiondefense Twitter account. This not only is easy to do with Pretty Link Pro but it provides a great method of driving traffic to our articles here on There have been numerous times when one of us forgets to check the tweet article checkbox in the Pretty Link Pro bucket from the Add New Post page when writing articles. The issue with that is the fact that once an article is published there is no tweet article button from the Edit Post page within WordPress. Below we describe the process of tweeting a post after it has been published in WordPress.

Technology Errors

WordPress Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Admin Page Blank, Call to undefined function yarpp_reinforce()

While upgrading the WordPress plugins today for a WordPress site I manage today I ran into an issue with the YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin). This WP plugin provides links to like articles on each of the posts of the site. You can cross reference various variables such as titles, content, tags, and categories. After upgrading the YARPP plugin this afternoon I noticed issues during testing when the YARPP configuration page would not display via the WordPress admin. Below is information on the error that was located in the PHP error logs, what was initially attempted to resolve the issue, and what did resolve the issue with the YARPP settings page.

Technology Insights

WordPress: Display Pages Marked Private To All Users

When I was initially attempting to do this it was because I did not want to display a majority of the WordPress pages I was creating in the navigation or in the Pages Widget. After some research I located information on the WordPress Codex about how to exclude certain pages however this was not going to work for me since I would constantly be having to modify the exclude list with hundreds more than if I could just include the pages I wanted to show in the navigation. Inside the [wp-root]/wp-includes/widgets.php  file you can make a small modification followed by a change via the WordPress admin GUI.