Technology Insights

Modify Word For Mac Image Size Properties From Inches To Pixels

Earlier while creating a instructional document I was inserting some images after I had edited them in Adobe Photoshop. Typically when I edit an image in Photoshop I generate the size of the image using pixels for height and width. I find this the easiest format to not only be universal but also to be the most accurate instead of using something like images. While lining the images up in this Word document I noticed Word uses Inches by default for image width and height. The below information describes how to modify the default measurement in Word for Mac from inches to pixels.

Technology Errors

Problem opening files created in earlier versions of MS Office in Office 2007

I was helping a user out today who had issues opening a .doc Word file in MS Word 2007. The user was getting the following error.  

“You are attempting to open a file that was created in an earlier version of Microsoft Office. This file type is blocked from opening in this version by your registry policy setting.”

It appears the document he was opening was probably created in a very old version (pre-97) of Word, so the standard Compatability Mode in Word 2007 wasn’t picking it up. The easiest way to allow these older .doc files to open in Word 2007 is to follow the steps below. If you are new to editing the registry, you may want to back it up first. You should also make sure that any Office applications are closed before starting this process.

Technology Insights

Printing from Notepad Provides a “The Handle is Invalid” Error Message

The error message that states “The handle is invalid” can appear for numerous reasons. Directly after this error we attempted to print from MS Word and we were told there as well that a problem with the printer existed. We then remembered that we had just completed a routine patch update to Windows Vista so we decided to look back in the logs. Sure enough one of the items that was upgraded was a printer driver for a Samsung printer.

To resolve this issue we opened up the control panel and selected the Samsung printer to print a test page. Just to note the computer had already been rebooted after the patch upgrade. If it had not been rebooted that would have been the first step. Follow the quick steps below to see how the problem resolved itself for us.