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How To Install ACELP Audio Codec, Install Audio Codec

There are times when it may be necessary to install video or audio codecs on your computer to play videos that will not play with the default video codecs or audio codecs supplied with any of the media players on your computer. You can verify what codecs are necessary using AVIcodec as noted in this article. One of the audio codecs that may be required to play certain video files could be the audio codec. Use the information below to install the audio codec on your Windows computer.

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Analyze A Video File To See The Codec Needed To Play The Video

Earlier today I was asked by a user via a Question Defense comment on how to play a WMV file that would not play by default via Windows Media Player. There are numerous tools available that will provide information about audio/video files and the codecs needed to play them but I have found that AVIcodec works really well in most situations. Below is information on how to install AVIcodec and how to analyze video files once AVIcodec is installed.

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How To Convert .WRF Files To .WMV, AVI, MP4, XVID, or MPEG

Someone sent me a WebEx webcast they wanted me to view this afternoon. The file had a .WRF file ending which stands for WebEx Recording Format which is one of the two file formats that WebEx webcasts are saved as. The other format that WebEx files are saved as is the ARF or WebEx Advanced Recording Format. Typically you could simply download the WebEx Player available by clicking here however you may want to convert this video, which requires the WebEx Recording Editor, to provide to others in a format they can view without having to install an application. It took me awhile to figure out how to convert this file properly since I only seemed to be able to find the older WebEx Editor versions. I finally signed up for a trial account and was able to download version 3 of the WebEx Recording Editor which allowed me to convert to WMV format and from that I was able to convert to any other video format including AVI, MP4, XVID, and MPEG. Follow the directions below to first convert the .WRF to .WMV and then the second set of directions if you want to convert to another video format.

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WebEx: Windows Media Player 9.0 Or Higher Is Required To Convert The File To .WMV Format

Earlier I received a webcast that a colleague of mine wanted me to review to see if a certain service would be a fit for our network. The file he sent over had a .WRF file ending which after some research I found out was a WebEx file meaning WebEx Recording Format. To play this type of file you need the WebEx .WRF Player which can be downloaded here or the files can be converted to WMV (Windows Media Format) to play in the Windows Media Player. To convert the file you have to use the WebEx Editor which allows you to open a .WRF file and export to WMV format. When I attempted to export to WMV I received an error which I describe below along with how I was able to resolve the error.

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Convert Video Files Such As AVI, MPG, or WMV To DVD Using Roxio Media MyDVD

I was looking to convert some AVI videos I had created recently to DVD so my neighbor could watch the videos using their DVD player but I hadn’t done this in quite awhile so I began the search for some good open source software. After awhile I realized I had purchased a desktop recently and I figured it may have software installed by default that would convert and burn these files for me. Sure enough Roxio Pro was installed and it has a tool called MyDVD that will not only convert from many media files to DVD but it will also burn during that conversion. Below I describe how to create DVD’s from any type of media file using Roxio myDVD.