belkin wemo light bulbs and wemo switch

WEMO Application Not Detecting LED Bulbs

When I first purchased the Belkin LED Lighting Starter Kit I didn’t have any issues getting the two A19 LED bulbs working with the Belkin WEMO Link Controller. I recently moved and had all sorts of problems getting the WEMO iPhone application to not only configure the WEMO Link Controller but once configured I could not figure out how to get the WEMO iPhone application to see either of the A19 LED bulbs. If I had known the proper steps to reset everything it would have been a snap so I wanted to share resetting everything back to factory defaults including the WEMO Link Controller and the WEMO A19 LED Bulbs. Follow the steps below to set all of the WEMO devices back┬áto factory default and configure the WEMO iPhone application from scratch.

Information Security

Filter Wireless Network Captures By SSID Using TShark

It is very common when obtaining wireless network handshakes to end up with a huge capture(.cap or .pcap typically) file. Previously purehate wrote this article on filtering out SSID specific EAPOL packets from a capture file but if you wanted to keep any and all packets related to a specific SSID including data packets, beacon frames, etc. the below tshark command will accomplish that. This is very similar to the previous article but will provide more data for the user and still slim down a capture file if you had packets from multiple SSID’s.