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How To Tell What Version Of WordPress You Have Installed

I knew that one of my clients web sites is running an older version of WordPress. When I upgrade WordPress I like to know exactly what version is running so I can use something like WinMerge to compare every single file in the WordPress installation to verify specifically what is going to be upgraded. This is useful if you run into any problems you can attempt to only roll back specific files to see if it resolves the WordPress upgrade issue.

Technology Errors

Could Not Upload Your Events Because You Do Not Have Sufficient Access On The Target Calendar

A colleague at work today had some questions regarding Google Calendar that I attempted to assist him with. In the process I ran into some things that didn’t make a lot of sense to me so I wanted to point out some of the issues I found with importing Calendar Events into Google Calendar. Below I will explain the error I received and how I worked around the error and was able to successfully import the items I had been having an issue with.

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Get A List Of Files That Are Different In Multiple Directories On Windows

When upgrading web applications it can make life much easier to get a list of files that have changed since the last version. This way you only have to overwrite a small number of files so if you won’t have to make all of your customizations again. The best application to use on Windows to do this is WinDiff. WinDiff is a very lightweight application that does not require installation to run. Below are some screenshots of WinDiff, where to download WinDiff, and instructions on how to compare two directories of like files.

Technology Insights

Easily Compare and Modify Like Files on Windows

There are numerous way to compare, modify, etc. two like files on Windows however using the application WinMerge will make things much easier. In the past I have opened the two files in Notepad or Notepad++, compared them, and then made the necessary changes. WinMerge is open source and created specifically for comparing similar files. There are so many benefits to using WinMerge including the ability to compare like folders (and their contents), save both filesĀ as projects, visually see location in files during the process, easily merge files, and many more. Below is a screenshot of what WinMerge looks like when comparing two PHP files.

WinMerge - Open Source - Compare or Merge Files