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How To Stop Time Machine From Backing Up Every Hour

Time Machine is really cool because it automates the task of backups since most of us forget to do this on a regular basis. The unfortunate part of Time Machine is the lack of control you have regarding when Time Machine backs up. By default the Time Machine application backs data up once an hour which in my scenario is a nightmare since its pretty much constantly copying data to my Time Capsule. Luckily there is an easy solution to schedule backups on a granular schedule called Time Machine Editor. Use the information below to stop Time Machine backups from happening once every hour.

Code Snippets

Postfix Logrotate Script For Gentoo Linux

Working on a friends server earlier this morning I noticed that he had logrotate configured but he did not have a configuration file for Postfix. Below is the quick one I whipped up for his environment including a brief explanation of each line of the configuration file below the script. Following the explanation of the various configurations is the command to actually force logrotate to run in debug mode so you can see what happens.