Technology Errors

Litespeed Error Log:[ERROR] Swapping directory is not writable:/tmp/lshttpd/swap/

I booted up a server yesterday that I had not used in quite a long time and had some issues right from the beginning. I remembered the server working the last time it was live so I was assuming I could boot it up and test something on the ruby application that was installed on it. Anyhow when I attempted to connect to the web server, which is Litespeed, via a browser it would simply hang. Below is information regarding what I did to troubleshoot, what the error was, and how the error was corrected.

Technology Errors

Simple SEO URL: Request Exeeded The Limit Of 10 Internal Redirects

I was hired to install some ZenCart plugins recently one of which included the Simple SEO URL add on. The installation was fairly easy besides a dependency that was missing which I will describe in a future email. After the installation was complete I got excited when I was ready to test but was let down when I got a 500 Internal Server Error back from the Apache web server. The virtual host that the client was using didn’t have Error Logs enabled so I had to enable them and wait until they started archiving. Below is a description of the errors in the Apache Error Logs and how I resolved the issue.

Technology Insights

Force Litespeed To Download A New Version And Then Upgrade Litespeed Via The LSWS Admin Interface

There are a couple projects I work on that use LiteSpeed WebServer as the web server. LiteSpeed or LSWS comes out with releases on a fairly regular basis so it is important to upgrade often. This process is usually really easy as the server will send an email to the web server administrator email address notifying them of any new upgrades. Upon receiving the email you simply login to the LiteSpeed web administration interface, click on Version Manager, and then click the Upgrade link located to the right of the latest release that has typically already been automatically downloaded. A couple times I have run into an issue where some servers have downloaded the upgrade and others have not so I typically wait for all servers to download the upgrade before upgrading any of the servers. Tonight I decided to figure out how to jump start this automatic download process or force the download of new LiteSpeed versions so I wouldn’t have to wait for all of the servers to automatically download the latest version. Below I describe what the admin interface might look like while you are waiting for an upgrade to automatically download, how to force download the new LiteSpeed upgrade, and how to make sure that your server is configured to automatically download the latest software from LiteSpeed Technologies.

Technology Errors

Litespeed: SSL error: error:0906D06C:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:no start line

Recently when installing a second SSL certificate for a secondary IP address on a Linux server running Litespeed as the web server I received the below error. The error at first made me think that maybe the key file still required a password even though I knew I had generated the key file not requiring a pass phrase. The error below will show up in your error.log file located in /var/lsws/logs/error.log.