Information Security

Backtrack 5: Information Gathering: Network Analysis: DNS Analysis: reverseraider

So many of the DNS enumeration scripts available in backtrack focus on typical DNS but reverseraider does what it sounds like it might do which is enumerate reverse DNS names. Enumerating reverse DNS on an IP or set of IP’s can sometimes reveal information you did not previously have. It is possible to be targeting a web server that has a bunch of virtual hosts and you prefer to track down primary web site on the web server which is where reverseraider may provide the results necessary as it is more likely that the most important site on the virtual web server has reverse DNS configured on the host itself. Below I display the primary three methods of using reverseraider.

Technology Insights

Send A Text Message From A Shell To A User Logged Into A Linux Server

This topic is fairly known to most older system administrators however I doubt it is used very often anymore. If you happen to manage any servers where there are typically various people logged in and working on different items from the CLI then it can be useful to be able to send them messages. Using the write command you can send messages to users logged in on specific TTY port or by username. Below are a couple examples of how you would use the write command from a Linux shell.