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How To Remove GimmieAnswers Spyware Virus, TDLS Alias Alureon

Earlier today a client called and said he had a virus or some spyware on his computer that could not be removed. The client was remote so I had to login to his computer to investigate. I used the typical tools such as Malwarebytes and Microsoft Security Essentials but the issue still existed. It seemed as if the computer had a proxy server configured but the proxy did not show underneath Internet Explorer connection settings or any of the other browsers. It didn’t happen all of the time but every now and then a pop up window would appear for the site and some other pop ups regarding “Daily Giveaway Contests” were also displaying. Below is more information on how the issue was resolved.

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Manually Remove Antivirus Soft Virus from a Windows Computer

I had a virus on a machine in the shop today which is very similar to a few previous virus’s we wrote about called personal security and XP Antispyware. The removal process is pretty similar but I decided to write a new post detailing its removal. This virus gives a fake “windows” security alert and then suggests you run or download a product called Antivirus Soft. Of course the program is fake and they will steal your bank credentials and do all sorts of other nasty things to you if you decide to buy it. The interesting thing about this program is its always called some thing different so its a little tough to track down. Below I will outline what my particular virus was called and how I got rid of it , however chances are yours may be named something else so you may have to do a little trial and error with the task manager to figure it out.

Technology Insights

Unable To Remove AVG 8.5 From Windows Computer: Error Avg9DetectedDlg

A client computer recently had an issue launching Internet Explorer. Every time that you would click on Internet Explorer or Firefox the browser would attempt to launch and then immediately close. I finally decided to try and update AVG Antivirus and Antispyware but the update failed. At this point I was pretty sure that AVG was the issue so I attempted to uninstall AVG which also failed. Below I describe more information about the AVG uninstallĀ error and how to remove AVG 8.5 from a Windows computer.