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Send VBS Script Output To Text File On Windows

Earlier today I used a VBS script to scrub all the email addresses from a Windows Exchange server since I couldn’t find any other way to display all email addresses including any aliases assigned to specific users. I needed to find a secondary email address from one of the many domains configured on the server so I could remove it from a user and add it to another user. Anyhow when run the script would pop up this huge window that did not include scrollbars so it was impossible to find what I was looking for. Use the information below to output VBS script output to a text file on a Windows computer.

Technology Insights

Performance Settings and pagefile.sys Should be Investigated after Upgrading RAM on Windows

After upgrading the RAM on your Windows XP or Windows Vista computer (laptops and desktops) you should review your performance settings. The primary concern will be your pagefile.sys size to make sure it matches or exceeds the amount of RAM you have in the computer. For those of us that are familiar with Linux more so than Windows the pagefile is also called the swap fileĀ in Windows. The pagefile or swap file is used for anything that won’t fit into RAM so technically it is an overflow for RAM so the excess has somewhere to go.

RAM: Random Access Memory