Code Snippets

RightScale RightScript To Add SSH Users To Linux Nodes On Boot

The below code snippet was used to add SSH users to RackSpace cloud CentOS Linux nodes being used as application servers and managed via RightScale. The SSH users were required during a testing phase so they could look through logs and make modifications to specific configuration files, etc. There are three things that have to happen to create the SSH user, allow them to login, and provide them the necessary rights on the server to accomplish their tasks which include adding the user, modifying the sshd config to allow password logins, and update the sudoers file to enable sudo access for wheel group users.

Technology Insights

How to Install nmap Security Scanner on Windows XP

Installing nmap security scanner on Windows XP is fairly easy. The easiest way is to download and run the nmap stable release executable file currently located here. You can verify the latest release by visiting nmap’s download page here.

Once the nmap.exe file is downloaded just double click it and choose a location to unpack the files. The easiest place would be something like c:\nmap or if you have cygwin installed you might want to do c:\cygwin\nmap. Make sure to note the location as you will need to add this to your path so you can execute it without having to be in the nmap directory.

Code Snippets

Shell Script To Check Number Of Rows In A PostgreSQL Database

The below code snipet was created to check the number of rows in a PostgreSQL database, log the output to a file, and warn if the number of rows is over a certain number. There are numerous variables in the code snipet below that will need to be modified for it to work properly including message, notify, dbuser, and logfile. This code was created on CentOS some other items could be different including the location of the date command.

This script can be run as follows: checkrows $host $database