Technology Errors

apt-mirror: can’t chdir to skel at /usr/bin/apt-mirror line 372

Following up to the article written yesterday you will likely have also received this error if you also received the error regarding the apt-mirror.lock file when attempting to mirror a repository on Ubuntu Linux using apt-mirror. The current error relates to the fact that a skel directory does not exist in the root directory of the repo you are attempting to create. Below the error is described in more detail as well as instructions for fixing it by creating the skel directory.

Technology Insights

Create A New Logical Volume In A Logical Volume Group With Space On A Linux Server

As noted in a previous article I have been working on a couple new Linux servers with a minimal install of CentOS on them. The /var, /usr, and / directories each were configured with 2GB of space within a logical volume group that has 1TB of space available. I first expanded the /var and /usr directory from 2GB to 20GB and then expanded the root, or /, directory from 2GB to 30GB. Once all three of these directories were expanded I next needed to create a new logical volume group and a partition to hold PostgreSQL data. Use the information below to create a new logical volume, format it with the ext3 file system, mount it, and configure it to be mounted automatically upon the next boot of the server.

Technology Insights

Setting up BackgrounDrb

I decided to use BackgrounDrb 0.2.1 to launch a periodic task that would run every 15 seconds.Warning: After going through the hassle of setting up BackgrounDrb, I found out that it isn’t even supported in Windows (my dev environment)! See step 8. So, these instructions haven’t been fully tested yet on a *.nix environment. Good…