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WordPress Mandigo Theme: Unable To Remove A Excluded Page From Header Navigation

A WordPress site I recently helped develop had an issue related to the header navigation. From a previous request certain pages had been excluded from the header navigation which can be completed in the Mandigo Theme Options section. In Mandigo you can simply check any page to exclude it from the header navigation. Typically if you want to simply add it back to the navigation you remove the check and the page will show in the header navigation in the order in which you have configured it to display using the Order Attribute. In this particular case when I attempted to remove the check and then click the Mandigo Update Options button it appeared to be successful but then the check would still exist in check box I had just removed it from. Below I describe the issue, how I realized what the conflict was, and how to resolve the problem.

Technology Errors

MM-Forms WordPress Plugin Not Working Over HTTPS After FORCE_SSL_ADMIN Set

I have had FORCE_SSL_ADMIN set for quite awhile now in my wp-config.php file which forces all traffic to /wp-admin/ to be HTTPS. When I initially configured this setting it broke numerous WordPress plugins which I fixed however I missed MM-Forms being broken. The issue was the exact same as previous plugins that had the issue so it wasn’t to hard to fix but I wanted to share in case anyone else is having trouble getting the MM-Forms plugin working over SSL. Below I will explain what lines need to be changed to get MM-Forms working over HTTPS including syntax, line numbers, and old code.

Technology Insights

LiteSpeed Web Server: Redirect All Web Traffic to HTTPS Except One Directory Or URL

LiteSpeed web server uses the same Rewrite engine that Apache uses so most of the information you will find  on the Internet relates to Apache and not LiteSpeed. One of the projects I am working on redirects all web traffic that hits each virtual host from HTTP to HTTPS without exception. Recently it came up that we needed to do some API testing with a company that wanted to test on a development server to HTTP and not HTTPS. So I needed to figure out how to exclude a specific directory from our HTTPS Redirect Rule on one specific virtual host which turns out is really easy. Below I describe how to send all traffic except one directory to HTTPS via the LiteSpeed web admin.

Technology Insights

Create Your Own TinyURL Engine Using Pretty Link WordPress Plugin

Long links on your WordPress blog are great for SEO purposes however when emailing people links or posting links on the web it is nice to post a manageable length URL instead. There is a plugin available for WordPress called Pretty Link that allows you to generate short URL’s with ease. There are two versions of Pretty Link available which include a free version and Pretty Link Pro which is a pay version that cost $97.¬† Depending on what your needs are with creating short URL’s using your domain the price is more than reasonable for Pretty Link Pro. I currently only use Pretty Link a limited amount so the free version currently serves its purpose for me though I plan to upgrade in the future to Pretty Link Pro. Below I describe some of the features of the Pretty Link WordPress plugin.