Technology Insights

Show Bluetooth Device MAC Address In Windows 7

While working on a project this weekend I needed a quick way to see a specific Bluetooth devices MAC address in Windows 7 because it was not displaying properly under the Windows Bluetooth Devices section. The easiest way that I located to display Bluetooth device MAC addresses in Windows 7 was by using an application called BluetoothView. Below I describe how to download BluetoothView, run BluetoothView, and obtain the a Bluetooth devices MAC address in Windows 7.

Technology Errors

Dell Latitude D630 USB Device Driver, Latitude D630 Unknown USB Device Driver

Recently I was working on a Dell Latitude D630 laptop computer that came into the computer shop and needed to have Windows XP reinstalled on it. After reinstalling Windows XP Professional on the Latitude D630 and attempting to reinstall all of the drivers needed there was still a device that did not have the proper drivers installed. The device displayed under Other Devices as USB Device with a yellow exclamation mark next to it. The article below describes the USB Device driver error as well as how to resolve the problem on a Dell Latitude D630.

Technology Insights

Upgrade D-Link DCS-950G 802.11 Wireless Network Camera Firmware

I have numerous D-Link DCS-950G network cameras and a D-Link DCS-3220 at my house and needed to upgrade the firmware recently to provide some new features on the DCS-950G’s. The DCS-950G is one of the lower end models provided by D-Link however they work fairly well. They lack many features of something like the DCS-3220 such as pan and zoom however upgrading to the DCS-950G 1.08 firmware actually adds a digital zoom feature. Below i describe some of the benefits of upgrading from DCS-950G 1.07 to 1.08 along with the steps actually taken to complete the upgrade.

Technology Errors

Error Freezing Rails: /usr/local/lib/ruby/1.8/fileutils.rb:1297: command not found: unzip

I was trying to install and work with Simple Ticket, a rails customer support ticket system, which required a really old version of rails. The goal was to have an easy ticketing system as a temporary solution until a permanent system could be put in place later. So one of the requirements for installing Simple Ticket was to freeze rails at version 1.1.6.

So during the attempt to freeze rails at version 1.1.6 I received the below error.



  1. rake rails:freeze:edge TAG=rel_1-1-6