Technology Errors

WordPress Yet Another Related Posts Plugin Admin Page Blank, Call to undefined function yarpp_reinforce()

While upgrading the WordPress plugins today for a WordPress site I manage today I ran into an issue with the YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin). This WP plugin provides links to like articles on each of the posts of the site. You can cross reference various variables such as titles, content, tags, and categories. After upgrading the YARPP plugin this afternoon I noticed issues during testing when the YARPP configuration page would not display via the WordPress admin. Below is information on the error that was located in the PHP error logs, what was initially attempted to resolve the issue, and what did resolve the issue with the YARPP settings page.

Technology Insights

CentOS Linux: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function imagetypes()

After moving a WordPress site from one server to a brand new server I ran into an issue with one of the WordPress plugins called MM-Forms. The MM-Forms WordPress plugin allows you to easily create contact forms that will either email filled out forms to you, store those forms in the MySQL database, or both email you and store the results in the database. The issue was the fact that the contact form was not displaying on the page it was configured to display on. After digging around a bit I located the issue by looking in the Apache logs. The issue ended up being with the PHP function called imagetypes. Below I describe the actual error noticed in the Apache logs, the CentOS RPM package that will provide the PHP function that was missing, and the yum logs from installing the package.