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Microsoft Outlook 2007: How To Reinstall Outlook Mobile Service Add-In

I recently wrote an article about an issue I had with the Outlook Mobile Service add-in which comes bundled with Microsoft Outlook 2007. The OMS add-in appeared to cause Outlook to crash numerous times on my Windows 7 computer so I not only disabled it but I removed it. In writing the article I needed to reinstall the add-in so I could get some images to place in the article so people could follow the steps to remove the OMS add-in but I was unable to find any articles explaining anything about removing it or reinstalling it. I figured at some point someone will remove the Outlook Mobile Service add-in and later need to reinstall it so the directions below will allow someone with Outlook 2007 to install the Outlook Mobile Service add-in.

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Outlook Experienced A Series Problem With The Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service Add-In

When I first installed Microsoft Outlook 2007 on my new Windows 7 laptop I had some issues with it crashing. At first I was unable to locate the issue but eventually I received the below error which pointed to the Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service add-in or OMS as it is also called. While I never did have any OMS accounts configured the add-in was loading every time that Microsoft Outlook 2007 started thus taking resources and opening the door for error. This add-in is just another service that Microsoft assumes you want and/or need with fairly little documentation available for installing, uninstalling, or reinstalling. Below I describe the error I received, another error that could appear that can be related, and how to remove the add-in from loading ever time Outlook 2007 starts.

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Microsoft Outlook AddIns: What Is The Microsoft VBA for Outlook AddIn

I have been messing around with Microsoft Outlook 2007 today in an attempt to not only make it start quicker but also to make it run more efficiently. One area I have been concentrating on is the Trust Center where you can manage the Outlook Add-ins. The more Add-ins you can disable the better as each one th, at is disabled is one less task that Outlook has to load on start up and keep track of while running. Below I explain what the Microsoft VBA for Outlook Addin is and how to disable this and other Outlook add-ins. Make sure you understand what each add-in is before disabling it because disabling add-ins could remove Outlook functionality that you use on a regular basis. A good example of this would be if you remove the¬†iTunes Outlook Addin¬†you will lose the ability to sync calendars between Outlook and your iPhone so if you don’t sync the calendars between the two then it can safely be removed for a small performance gain.