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Outlook: Remove Click Here to Enable Instant Search Message

If you do not have Instant Search enabled for Microsoft Outlook then there will be a message that displays on every screen asking you to click to enable it. This message is really annoying however it is also easy to get rid of. Follow the directions below to remove the message without having to install Instant Search.

Outlook Message:
Click here to enable Instant Search

Outlook: Click To Enable Instant Search

Steps to Remove Instant Search Message:

Technology Insights

How to Change Microsoft Visio Units Ratio to Drawing Size

Currently I am working on a layout of an office using Microsoft Visio and needed to change the size of units on the page soI could fit more feet per block of the drawing. Follow the steps below to change the ratio of units on the page.

  1. Open Visio: Select start, then Program Files, and select Microsoft Office Visio.
  2. Open Visio Options: Once your project is open select Tools from the top menu and then select Options from the menu drop down.