Technology Errors

Outlook Experienced A Series Problem With The Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service Add-In

When I first installed Microsoft Outlook 2007 on my new Windows 7 laptop I had some issues with it crashing. At first I was unable to locate the issue but eventually I received the below error which pointed to the Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service add-in or OMS as it is also called. While I never did have any OMS accounts configured the add-in was loading every time that Microsoft Outlook 2007 started thus taking resources and opening the door for error. This add-in is just another service that Microsoft assumes you want and/or need with fairly little documentation available for installing, uninstalling, or reinstalling. Below I describe the error I received, another error that could appear that can be related, and how to remove the add-in from loading ever time Outlook 2007 starts.

Technology Insights

Search Term Suggestions & Statistics: Alternatives To The Overture Keyword Selector Tool

A long time ago I used to use the Overture Keyword Selector Tool to review keywords I was running ads for. The Overture Keyword Selector would allow you to type in a keyword or group of keywords to see how many times that keyword(s) or like keywords had been searched in a specific time period. This can be useful not only for ads that you may be running but it can also be useful for content in articles that you write. The more you use keywords that are popular the more traffic you can generate. The Overture Keyword Selector Tool is no longer available so below are two alternatives that provide a similar service.

Code Snippets

Wordlist Menu Tool for Backtrack 4 Final

I get really sick of trying to remember all the commands I use to work with wordlists so I had some free time and decided to finally get it all in one place.  I started out just gathering all my notes in a text file but then I decided to code up a menu to make the commands easy to access. Normally I would keep something like this just for my own use since I doubt any one would want it but I decided to release it anyway.