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How To Count The Number Of Hosts In NMAP Network Scan Results With Zenmap

Earlier today while working with a friend at our offices we were playing around with a large NMAP scan of the anoNet network. His computer would not open the network topology in Zenmap because of a lack of RAM so we were looking at it on another laptop with much more RAM. After discussing it for a little bit we were curious how many hosts had been discovered on anoNet but initially I didn’t see an easy way to get this information. Use the information below for a quick count of hosts in Zenmap discovered via a NMAP scan.

Technology Insights

Convert a .daa File to a .iso in Linux using Poweriso

Often times I still come across .daa files. Although we can burn these to disc as a image I prefer the .iso format. Anytime I get a .daa file I normally convert it to .iso for storage. .iso files seem easier to work with and more burning programs supChange into the newly port its format. I decided to make a quick post on converting these in Linux. As with every thing in Linux I am sure there are lots more ways to do this however my way is all via command line so it can be easily done via ssh on servers which, for me is very useful.

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PostgreSQL: Server Instrumentation Not Installed. The Server Lacks Instrumentation Functions.

When connecting to a PostgreSQL database using pgAdmin you may receive an error letting you know that the server instrumentation is not installed. This is a warning to let you know that you can install the adminpack contribution which will provide more functionality to pgAdmin including the ability to modify the pg_hba.conf and postgresql.conf configuration files. Below is information on the pop up warning you may receive when logging into a Postgres database using pgAdmin III as well as how to install the adminpack to not receive the error any longer.

Technology Insights

How to Create a Hirens Boot CD Usb Thumb Drive

Occasionally I get a PC in my shop which has a broken or non working cd drive. One of the mail tools I use is a disk called Hirens Boot CD. Yes I know its considered Warez however it is by far the best collection of tools for a PC tech around so I use it all the time.  I will leave finding the actual disc up to you however once you have it you may want to create a USB drive with Hirens for situations when you dont have your cd or the cd option is unavailable.