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WordPress Media Uploader Not Saving Title

I have not been posting a bunch lately however I am hoping I finally have the motivation to do so, but regardless I have not been posting for awhile which is why I just noticed the issue I was having uploading images via the WordPress Media Uploader. Everything appeared to work fine when uploading an image via the WordPress Admin however once I would save the image the Title would not save. If I edited the image after the initial upload the Title would save just fine. Below is how I was able to resolve the issue with the Title not saving on images uploaded via the WordPress Media Uploader.

Technology Errors

CentOS IRQ Errors, Server: kernel: Disabling IRQ #177

Recently we have been doing a lot of testing of oclHashcat on CentOS Linux servers. The oclHashcat application takes advantage of the GPU’s, or Graphical Processing Units, of Nvidia graphics cards or ATI graphics cards. Anyhow one of the servers we have been testing with has four Nvidia 295 GTX’s and at times was receiving an error stating the kernel was disabling the IRQ. Below we describe the error in more detail along with a kernel parameter that was added to resolve the error. Even though we experienced this issue with oclHashcat specifically the error could happen with other applications and/or Linux Operating Systems so the resolution could be the same.

Technology Insights

ZenCart Ecommerce Store Homepage Title Meta Tag Displaying HOME_PAGE_TITLE

When upgrading ZenCart it is easy to miss certain files during the merge process of the upgrade. There are numerous directories that are easy to look over but two directories to note include the includes/modules/YOUR_TEMPLATE/ and includes/languages/english/YOUR_TEMPLATE directories. It is easy to overlook files that may have been modified in either of these locations. The HOME_PAGE_TITLE language tag would more than likely be from the includes/languages/english/YOUR_TEMPLATE/meta_tags.php.

During the upgrade process the includes/languages/english/meta_tags.php file was probably replaced but if there have ever been any modifications based on template to the site then you need to look into your templates directory located in the languages folder.