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Upload Files To DotNetNuke With The Rich Text Editor, Track File Clicks After Upload

I used DotNetNuke a long time ago and was suprised to recently learn that there is still a large amount of people using the software. There are even more folks that installed it a long time ago and lack the resources to upgrade to a more up to date software package so there is still plenty of work to be done doing maintenance on sites using the DotNetNuke software. While many things seem really outdated there are still some cool features so the software can be updated to bring people a bit more up to date.

Technology Insights

Add a WYSIWYG Editor to ZenCart Product Descriptions

Adding a WYSIWYG editor interface to the ZenCart admin product descriptions page is easy. By default ZenCart actually offers HTML Area which is OK but since its so easy to upgrade to a real editor like TinyMCE or FCKeditor that is what I would suggest.

First if you want to just enable HTML Area you can do so by following these simple steps.

  1. Login to ZenCart Admin:Login to your online stores ZenCart administration system which is typically your url followed by /admin.

Technology Insights

How to Copy and Paste Notes from Microsoft OneNote into the WordPress Admin

This post will explain how to post notes from Microsoft OneNote into the WordPress admin. When you copy and paste from most Microsoft products into a visual editor such as TinyMCE that WordPress uses you will typically include a bunch of unwanted tags from the Microsoft application. These tags will make it complicated to format correctly and can even spill over outside of your post and cause issues with your entire WordPress page. The method to input this data into WordPress will work with any of the Microsoft products such as Microsoft OneNote and Microsoft Word.

Below is an example of some basic formatted text copied directly from MS OneNote and pasted into WordPress’s visual editor.