TextMate Find & Replace Using Regular Expressions

While working on a new section of the Question-Defense.com web site that will include articles related to Kali Linux I was creating a menu system that would be similar to the Kali Linux menu system. Once the menu was completed with the necessary content and was visually what I was looking for I needed to go back and make some enhancements for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The goal was to add a HTML title tag where a HTML alt tag already existed and I knew this shouldn’t be to hard to accomplish using regular expressions via TextMate’s find and replace function. Below I describe the issue in more detail along with the regular expression syntax that can be used to accomplish this in the TextMate find and replace window. Please make sure to backup all files you are going to modify before beginning so you can always rollback if need be.

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Title OSX Keyboard Shortcut For Insert Date And Time, Insert Date/Time In TextMate

I use TextMate on Mac OSX Mountain Lion to write notes. One thing I find myself needing a bunch is to insert the current date and time so I can track specific events. For instance if I am writing an article for Question-Defense.com and I am doing the initial formatting in TextMate, which is a typical scenario for me, I might take ten screenshots and I like to note the current date/time in case I get pulled away from the article writing for something else. So having a keyboard shortcut that outputs the current date/time is really valuable so I don’t have to type it out by hand. Below I describe how to install a OSX Service that will provide various date/time outputs via Keyboard Shortcuts. The OSX Service called WordService also provides a bunch of extra awesome services which I briefly touch on below as well.

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Change The Default File Association For Text Files On MAC OSX

I recently got a Macbook Pro which is running OSX 10.6 and is the first MAC I have used as my primary computer. Setting it up has been like setting up the first computer I ever setup since I am used to setting up computers running Windows or Linux. Anyhow it has been a great learning experience so look out for a lot more articles related to OSX and Macbooks in the near future. Anyhow the below steps will assist you changing the default application that opens text files from TextEdit or TextEdit.app to TextMate or TextMate.app.

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TextMate Tabs, How To Use Tabs In TextMate On Mac OSX Lion

On Windows I use Notepad++ religiously however since Notepad++ is not available for OSX I am trying to become familiar with TextMate. So far TextMate is pretty solid but there are a couple things that make it less convenient to use. One of the primary items I noticed almost immediately was the fact that TextMate does not support tabs in the same way that Notepad++ does. The good news is there is a work around where you can use tabs in a very similar manner. Use the information below to work with tabs in TextMate which if you are like me you require easy access to numerous text documents at the click of a button.