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How to Create Transparency and Clickable Links in URXVT Terminal

When ever I use Linux as a desktop I lie to be able to use the terminal I like which is URXVT. It is a port of the old rxvt with unicode support for all languages. One thing that I love about it is the ability to make links which when clicked will open up a defined browser. Most of the newer terminals like Gnome Terminal and Konsole in KDE have this ability but I do not care for either of those to much. Below I will show the few short steps to making a very nice looking URXVT terminal.

Technology Insights

Use Multiple Shells From One Terminal Window on Linux

You can use the Linux screen command to operate multiple shells from one terminal window on Linux. Below is the command to install screen on CentOS Linux.


  1. yum install screen

Using screen is easy. First SSH to your server as you normally would and before running any commands that may take awhile type “screen”. This will start a screen session which will allow you to either run commands in multiple screen windows or detach the screen, close your SSH connection, reconnect another SSH session, and reattach the screen session. Below are some useful screen commands.