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Terminal Initialization Failure Using OSX Terminal Window

Earlier while trying to SSH to a device from a Terminal windows on my Macbook Pro running OSX version 10.8, also known as Mountain Lion, I received an error when attempting to connect to a 64 Bit Windows 7 Professional server. The error in the Mac Terminal window stated that the terminal failed to initialize. After troubleshooting I realized that the Windows 7 Pro server, which is running WinSSHD as an SSH server, didn’t like the default terminal emulation that the Terminal window, which is xterm-color256, in OSX Mountain Lion uses. Below we describe the error message in more detail and how to resolve this issue within the Terminal window itself or by installing iTerm2.

Technology Errors

PostgreSQL Not Starting: FATAL: could not write lock file “”: No space left on device

I have a couple development servers I have been using for testing PostgreSQL configured with walmgr for log shipping. The secondary server stopped working the other day and I finally got a chance to look into it this morning and attempted to restart Postgres via a terminal but it failed. Below I describe how the error was noticed, what was done to troubleshoot PSQL not starting, and what was done to resolve the problem so PostgreSQL would start without issue.

Technology Insights

CentOS Gnome Dekstop Environment: Keyboard Shortcut To Open A Terminal Window

I rarely use CentOS as a desktop but purehate and myself set up a development box the other day to test some things. We needed the computer to not only function as a Linux server but also as a Desktop for some of the items we wanted to test. In doing so I have been playing around with various items and I find myself needing to open terminal windows on a regular basis so I wanted to know what the keyboard shortcut was to open a terminal window. The quick answer is that there is not a keyboard shortcut to open a terminal window by default on CentOS running the Gnome desktop environment. Below are some quick steps to add a keyboard shortcut to open a terminal window on a computer running the Gnome Desktop environment.