Technology Errors

CentOS Linux Parted Error: Unable to open /dev/sdc – unrecognised disk label

While rebuilding a large RAID 5 logical drive I had to use parted instead of fdisk. It has been awhile since I had to build a logical drive that was over 2TB so it had been quite awhile since I have used parted which will perform the same basic functions as fdisk and more. Anyhow when first attempting to use parted to create a partition table on the logical volume sitting on top of an Adaptec RAID card with multiple 2TB drives configured as RAID 5 on CentOS Linux I ran into an error. The resolution is easy but needed to note for myself as much as anything else.

Technology Insights

Take The Hard Drive Out Of The Case: SimpleDrive Model #96300-41001-170

A friend of mine who is a DJ dropped one of his friends external hard drives in the dark the other night while spinning at a club. Once he got home he attempted to plug his friends external USB hard drive, which is a 1TB SimpleDrive (model #96300-41001-170), into his computer but it was not being recognized. Once he tried a couple of other things he gave me a call to see if I could look at it. Without going into details about what was wrong with the hard drive itself I thought others might find it useful to have instructions including pictures about how to remove the hard drive from the SimpleDrive case. Below I describe how to remove the hard drive from a external USB 1 Terabyte SimpleDrive.