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cisco-ocs – Backtrack 5 – Vulnerability Assessment – Network Assessment – Cisco Tools – cisco-ocs

The cisco-ocs application available in the Backtrack menu ( Backtrack > Vulnerability Assessment > Network Assessment > Cisco Tools ) is also known as cisco-ocs Mass Scanner. This tool provides a single function which is to scan large ranges of IP’s looking for Cisco devices or really any device listening on TCP port 23, attempts to login using telnet with a password of cisco, then passes the enable command to the Cisco router if its able to login via telnet, uses cisco again for the enable password, and finally reports a success if its able to get to the enable prompt using these exact steps. Unfortunately this is the only function of the tool as you cannot specify a wordlist of passwords to attempt or for that matter you cannot set anything accept for the range of IP addresses to scan. Below we should a couple examples of the Cisco-OCS Mass Scanner working on Backtrack 5 R3.