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Firefox Won’t Open On Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit, Firefox Won’t Launch In Safe Mode

I use multiple browsers on a daily basis either because some sites work better in some browsers versus others or to test web applications, etc. Typically I prefer Chrome over any other browser but sometimes I use Firefox because of some of the plugins available. Sometime in the past the Firefox installation on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit laptop became corrupted so when I attempted to launch Firefox it would flash for a moment in the taskbar and then close immediately. The Firefox window would never display on the screen or even attempt to display on the screen however you could see the process for a moment in the Windows Task Manager as shown in the below image.

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Windows XP Task Manager Missing Tabs, No Processes, Performance, Networking, or Users Tabs

I was troubleshooting a Windows XP computer that had been brought in to my friends computer shop this afternoon and noticed something odd going on with the Windows Task Manager. The computer had multiple issues including various viruses, Norton Internet Security installed, hadn’t been upgraded or patched for over a year, and numerous other items going wrong. I will say that Norton Internet Security is probably the worst antivirus software I have ever come across because not only does it take over every aspect of your computer but on top of that it doesn’t even save your computer from getting infected by viruses. After getting the computer in working shape by removing Norton Internet Security and beginning the installation of Windows XP patches I launched Windows Task Manager to view something and when I did the list of running applications displayed but I could not click other tabs that normally appear at the top of the Task Manager. Below I display an image of what the Windows Task Manager looked like and how I easily resolved the issue.

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How To Remove Personal Security Virus From Windows Computer

A client of mine called me in a panic yesterday because a laptop he uses for work got infected with the Personal Security virus. Personal Security is a nasty virus, also sometimes called antispyware or malware, that takes over your computer and attempts to get you to purchase the software. The virus actually makes the end user think that it is legit software and they are only doing you a favor by protecting your computer however this is not the case. Below I describe things that the virus will do to blend in to Windows as well as a method I have discovered as one of the easier ways to remove it.

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Windows Tool: Applications Running In 64-Bit 0r 32-Bit Mode, Services x86 or x86_64

I recently purchased a new Dell laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit which is the first 64-Bit computer I have ever had as my main computer. I have done some work in the past on computers using 64-Bit operating systems but now that I have one there are a lot of questions coming up regarding how applications launch and specifically what mode they are running in. On Windows 7 64-Bit there are two different “Program Files” directories which allow 64-Bit applications to run as well as 32-Bit applications to run. Below I explain how to verify if a Windows service is running in 32-Bit (x86) mode or 64-Bit (x86_64) mode.