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TextMate Tabs, How To Use Tabs In TextMate On Mac OSX Lion

On Windows I use Notepad++ religiously however since Notepad++ is not available for OSX I am trying to become familiar with TextMate. So far TextMate is pretty solid but there are a couple things that make it less convenient to use. One of the primary items I noticed almost immediately was the fact that TextMate does not support tabs in the same way that Notepad++ does. The good news is there is a work around where you can use tabs in a very similar manner. Use the information below to work with tabs in TextMate which if you are like me you require easy access to numerous text documents at the click of a button.

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Install Clear On Windows Using Cygwin, Use Clear To Reset Console Output

When I SSH to Linux servers I use the clear command a lot. This allows me to quickly reset the shell interface so there is no output so depending on if I have typed the incorrect command numerous times or the screen is filled without from something like the locate command I find it really useful to reset the interface so the screen is blank again without having to hit enter 50 times. On all of my Windows machines I have Cygwin installed to provide as much of a Linux feel as possible however I never have taken the time to figure out what installs the clear command so I could have the same luxury of clearing the windows Command Prompt or the Console2 application I use on a regular basis. Below I describe how to install clear on Windows using the Cygwin application.

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Tabbed Windows Explorer In Windows 7 Using Cubic Explorer

Well the title of this article is a little misleading but I wanted to make sure that people understood what alternatives were available for Windows 7 Windows Explorer. I just got done writing another article about my Windows 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and QTTabBar experiences which can be read here. To summarize I have been using QTTabBar on Windows XP for over a year and was very happy with the results but once I installed QTTabBar on Windows 7 I started having all sorts of issues. This sent me into a panic looking for alternatives because I used the Windows Explorer tabbed functionality all of the time. I am happy to say that I found an even better alternative for Windows Explorer tabs on Windows 7 by installing a Windows Explorer replacement called CubicExplorer. Continuing reading to discover the benefits of CubicExplorer as well as why using an alternative to Windows Explorer on Windows 7 really isn’t so bad.

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Internet Explorer Has a Black Line Over Favorites, Tabs, And Command Toolbar

Recently I launched Internet Explorer after rebooting my laptop computer that runs Windows XP and noticed that the third line of toolbars which includes the favorites, tabs, and command toolbars had a black line all the way across all of them. I was still able to click on any of the items including opening new tabs, selecting favorites, and any items in the command toolbar such as the home button, the tools button, etc.

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Install Tabbed Windows Explorer Toolbar For Browsing Multiple Folders From One Window

Almost everyone has become used to tabs for their Internet browser. Applications that incorporate tabs make life a lot easier and cleaner for that matter. I have become used to tabs for my SSH client, tabs for Internet Explorer, tabs for Console, tabs for Trillian, etc. One thing I have always wanted but never took the time to look into though was tabs for Windows Explorer. I am constantly in various folders comparing files or moving files between folders and typically have 3 to 4 Windows Explorer windows open at all times. Well I finally decided to take the time to look for a solution and was pleasantly suprised to find QT TabBar from QuizoApps.

QT TabBar Details: