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How To Change An Images Color Profile On Mac OSX Lion

While looking into all of the specifics of the screencapture application on Mac OSX Lion I came across some interesting information about Color Profile. The Color Profile is assigned to each image captured with screencapture and I assume other media utilities function in the same way meaning they use the color profile that was configured when the image was created. The Color Profile stands for ICC Profile or International Color Consortium Profile and specifies a configuration file or set of configuration details that include color attributes. As you can image not all monitors display colors in the same way the same as not all graphics cards output colors in the same way so the Color Profile assigns settings that can be adjusted to make colors or any form of graphics look different.

Information Security

OSX Lion Firewall Process Name

OK this article is sort of silly and will be fairly short and to the point but earlier I was trying to find the process name of the OSX Lion firewall. During the process of looking for the OSX Lion firewall process name I learned a bunch of little firewall tidbits such as there are a ton of settings you can set from the command line, there are third party OSX Lion Firewall GUI configuration tools, and there are complete third party firewalls available for install on OSX Lion.

Technology Insights

Remove Mac OSX Dashboard As A Display Screen On OSX Lion

Some people may find the Dashboard that resides to the left of your farthest left desktop on MAC OSX useful however I always find myself scrolling to that desktop on accident. I attempted to use the Dashboard for awhile for various plugins/buckets that made accessing things like a IPSec VPN client I used fairly easy but the truth is it is even easier to keep the IPSec VPN client in the OSX Dock. I believe the Dashboard was introduced in OSX 10.4 or OSX Tiger. The Dashboard acts as a Space and in OSX 10.7 or OSX Lion they added the ability to easily remove the Dashboard as a space. Follow the directions below to disable Dashboard as a Space or a Desktop screen whichever it is.

Technology Insights

Disable Caps Lock On Macbook Keyboard, Disable Caps Lock On OSX

One key that always gets in the way for me on any keyboard I use is the caps lock key. On Windows 7 I use a third party application to disable the caps lock key as noted in this article. On Mac OSX the functionality to disable the caps lock key is built in so it doesn’t require any third party software. Use the information below to disable the caps lock key on your Macbook laptop or other computers running OSX. I believe the functionality to disable the caps lock key was added in OSX 10.4 and I can confirm that it is still available in OSX Lion or OSX 10.7.1.