Technology Insights

PHP Script Using Exec Function & Launched From Crontab Hogging Server Memory

While working on a PHP script on a CentOS Linux server that runs from crontab I ran into an issue where PHP was bogging the server down because of memory use. The script has a lot of output that is not necessary to store though when using the exec function within the PHP script it was storing the unneeded output to an away which I believe was causing the memory usage problem. At first I thought I simply needed to modify the memory_limit setting within php.ini however that was not the true issue at hand. Below I describe two items to look at modifying if you run into a similar issue.

Technology Insights

Only Use Magento English Store, Disable German And French Magento Sites

I typically use Zen Cart however a client of mine requires Magento e-commerce software for a project I am working on for them. I will likely be writing a lot of articles regarding Magento in the future since it is a fairly complex piece of e-commerce software since I am new to this e-commerce software. The first article is about disabling other languages which in my case will include disabling the Magento French and German stores however the same concept would apply if you want to disable the English site and either the German or French site. Follow the directions below to remove the language drop down and only use one of the three initially installed Magento stores.

Technology Insights

Macbook Pro Date and Time: Unable to Determine Current Location at this Time

I travel a lot and I have noticed that the timezone on my mac book wasn’t updating properly. I was getting lots of wrong meeting times in Outlook and various other apps that depend on time. I was getting pretty annoyed at this and decided to figure out what was up. I was pretty sure this was supposed to happen automatically so I decided to have a look and figure out what was going on.

Information Security

How To Login To Oracle On Windows 7 When All Oracle Accounts Are Locked

I recently installed Oracle on a Windows 7 computer to test some tools that are available in Backtrack. I am very new to Oracle so it has been a bit of a learning process including the fact that I had no idea you can install Oracle without having to pay any money to download it so I also plan on writing an article on how to do this. Anyhow after the initial Oracle install we were testing oscanner from Backtrack and locked all of the Oracle accounts which was a bummer because I wasn’t sure there was a way to correct the issue. Turns out it is really easy to unlock the Oracle accounts if you have access to the Oracle server so below I describe how to unlock Oracle accounts when it appears they have all been locked.

Technology Insights

Remove Unwanted Start Up Programs from Mac OS X Leopard

As I have been using this new mac, installing software and getting things just the way I like them, I noticed that many times when adding a program it wants to add it self to the start up. Its funny because this is one thing in Windos which always bothered me and now it happening on my mac as well. Even when you uninstall software , system start-up files are still left behind and can still load up at boot time. You can speed up your boot time and reduce unnecessary system bloat from OS X by removing old system start-up files that you no longer need. if this is happening to you read on its very easy to edit the start up programs list.