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iTunes Could Not Sync Calendars To The iPhone Because The Sync Server Failed

I typically charge my iPhone using a USB cable that attaches to my computer but recently I have been using the wall charger because my computer wasn’t always close. After using the wall charger for a week or so without ever actually syncing my iPhone to iTunes on my Windows 7 computer I attempted to synchronize my iPhone to my computer but received an error related to synchronizing the calendar during the process. I hadn’t modified any settings that I was aware of on the iPhone or within iTunes on the Windows 7 computer so I wasn’t exactly sure what caused the issue to begin with. Below is more information related to the calendar synchronization error and how I was able to resolve the error with one simple setting in iTunes.

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iPhone Custom Ringtone Not Showing Up, iPhone 4 Ringtone Not Working

I finally got an iPhone 4 and decided to create some custom ringtones to try out on it. The first one that I created, using the method we documented in this previous article, is the sound of a dial-up modem connection. After creating the ringtone by converting an MP3 file to an m4a and then renaming then m4a to m4r I attempted to sync the iPhone to iTunes to copy over the new custom ringtone however it was not available in the Ringtone Sounds configuration section on the iPhone 4. After troubleshooting I finally figured out a solution which is documented below.

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Sync iPhone Using Bluetooth With Windows 7 Computer

I recently purchased a Windows 7 laptop and I wanted to see what Bluetooth synchronization capabilities were for an iPhone and Windows 7. Synchronizing your iPhone with Windows 7 will allow you to easily synchronize Contacts, Calendar items, E-mail, and Notes as well as play music from your iPhone directly through your Windows 7 computer speakers. Synchronizing between Windows 7 and your iPhone is easy to do though you should always make sure to disable Bluetooth when you are not using it for security reasons. If you don’t want to disable Bluetooth every time after you connect your iPhone at least make sure that neither device is discoverable after configuration is complete. Follow the directions below to synchronize your iPhone with your Windows 7 computer using Bluetooth.

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Download And Record Live Video Feeds Or On Demand

I was asked earlier to view and record a presentation being given on I figured this can’t be to hard I will just use a FireFox plugin and pull the video somehow but I couldn’t find an easy way to do it with a FireFox plugin. I finally settled on using some freeware classified as screen video capture software. This software allows you to zoom in on a specified size of the screen and capture sound, video, or both and save to an AVI file. Below are directions on how to set up and record video streams from for free.

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How to Create Photo Albums On Your iPhone On A Windows XP Computer

Creating Photo Albums on your iPhone is not really straight forward so below I will describe numerous ways to organize images on your iPhone. You can use third party applications to organize folders and images or you can use the built in Photo Album functionality. Below I describe how to use either method including tips on what to watch out for and allow you to make an educated decision on the best way to manage your images.