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Insert Special Characters Or Symbols Into Any Type Of Document On Windows 7

I have been working with a couple people from over seas and some of their names include accent marks. While I have heard they would not think it to be disrespectful it still seems correct to include the accent mark over the letter in their name because they do so in their signature. There are various ways to accomplish inserting special characters into most applications but Windows 7 actually provides a way that is built into the OS to insert special characters into all of those same applications. Inserting special characters or symbols into any form of document is easy using Windows 7 or Windows Vista using an application built into the Operating System called Character Map. Below I describe how to insert special characters into various types of documents using Character Map on Windows 7.

Technology Insights

How To Insert An Accented E or é In An Email Message Composed With Outlook

Recently I have been sending a lot of emails to a colleague in Portugal whose name ends é. While I was told it is not so rude to simply not include the accent above the E I actually prefer to include the accent to display respect since he actually includes the accent over the E in his signature. Since I am using Outlook 2007 the below Outlook keyboard shortcut will provide the easiest method for you to insert an E with an accent over the top in emails that you compose. After information related specifically to the accent over the E I also discuss inserting other non English symbols into email messages composed with Outlook.

Technology Errors

svn: Syntax error parsing revision using svn+ssh

I was trying to check out from one of my project repositories this morning and I kept getting the below error.

I have never had this problem before and it drove me insane for about 1 hour. I just could not figure out what the problem was because the same repository was working just fine the other day. After a lot of searching I stumbled upon a post with the solution and its extremely simple.