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Send Mail Attachments Using mail Command From A Linux Shell

One thing that can be really helpful for Linux administrators is sending mail attachments via the Linux command line. It is fairly widely known that you can inject text files into email by piping the outputs of those files to the mail command however something that is less known is attaching files to an email sent via mail. The information below describes how to send mail from a Linux shell using the mail command.

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WordPress Error Reporting Plugin: Modify Error Email Details

On accident today I discovered a really cool plugin for WordPress called the Error Reporting plugin. This plugin is a great tool to log any errors related to WordPress, WordPress plugins, etc. One of the options that the plugin provides is the ability to have each error emailed to you which could be overwhelming depending on what errors you are logging with the plugin. I like to log as much as possible so the problem for me was the fact that the error emails automatically go to the WordPress site administrator email address. My preference would be for this field to be an option that can be configured so I could create a new Gmail address and send all of the errors there. This way you can archive every single error message that has been generated for a long time because of Gmail’s 7GB+ storage capacity. So below I describe how to modify the email address the error logs are sent to along with a couple other items I modified while I was poking around.

Technology Insights

Redmine: How to Edit an Issue Description and Issue Subject

Let me start by saying if you are not yet using Redmine for technical project management I highly suggest you start doing so immediately. It is very easy to import Trac projects and with minimal coding efforts you can import from any ticketing system you are currently using.

I am fairly new to Redmine and I just entered a ticket with some incorrect information in the description. After looking around for a bit I was unable to locate where to edit the description as it is a bit hidden. The ability is there to edit the description and subject by following the below instructions.