Technology Errors

svn co Error: Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted

When attempting to sync a repo to a server or to your desktop you will receive an error if the certificate being used to protect the HTTPS repository URL is not issued by the proper authority. Many companies generate their own certificates for repository URL’s especially if the repository is primary used internally. In this example I was attempting to sync a repository using SVN to a folder on the desktop of my Macbook Pro running OSX Mountain Lion. Below I describe the error in more detail followed by resolution to the svn certificate error.

Information Security

Connect To Fortinet VPN On OSX, Download FortiClient SSL VPN For OSX

Not sure if Fortinet makes it impossible to find the FortiClient SSL VPN application for Mac OSX on purpose or not but it appears to be free for the simple client version so I wanted to provide a location to download the client easily. On Windows you can bring up Internet Explorer and make a SSL VPN connection easily but since IE is not available on OSX it is necessary to have the stand alone FortiClient SSL VPN application. Be careful if you are going to download the Fortinet FortiClient elsewhere as if it is anything other than the simple SSL VPN client it is really bloated.

Technology Insights

X-Chat Aqua Freenode Error, Connection failed. Error: unable to get local issuer certificate.? (20)

When using X-Chat Aqua on OSX Lion it is possible to get various different errors when making SSL connections to different IRC networks. In this example I was attempting to make a SSL connection to the Freenode IRC network on port 6697. The connection terminated with a SSL error complaining that X-Chat Aqua could not get the local issuer certificate as shown in more detail below.

Technology Insights

X-Chat Aqua Rizon IRC Connection Error, Connection failed. Error: self signed certificate.? (18)

While getting my new Macbook laptop running OSX Lion running I decided to test X-Chat Aqua as my preferred IRC client. So far I like the interface and it reminds me of using X-Chat on Windows so many of the settings are similar. Also I have not found any functions that I require that the software will not accomplish. When making my initial connection to the Rizon IRC or Internet Relay Chat network using SSL I received an error as noted below. The error is easy to resolve using the information below.