Information Security

How To Tell Exactly How Many Spaces A ESSID Includes Using airodump-ng Or Wireshark

The other day I had a wireless network packet capture file saved as a .cap file. The ESSID that was displaying via normal aircrack-ng output of the WPA/WPA2 wireless packet capture lead me to believe there was at least one space included in the beginning of the ESSID and likely after the ESSID since it was not processing properly using oclHashcat-plus. I had never run into this before so wasn’t exactly sure the easiest way to figure out the number of spaces so I posed the question in the Freenode aircrack-ng IRC channel and got a couple responses which are noted below as well as instructions following the clearest solution.

Technology Insights

Remove Mac OSX Dashboard As A Display Screen On OSX Lion

Some people may find the Dashboard that resides to the left of your farthest left desktop on MAC OSX useful however I always find myself scrolling to that desktop on accident. I attempted to use the Dashboard for awhile for various plugins/buckets that made accessing things like a IPSec VPN client I used fairly easy but the truth is it is even easier to keep the IPSec VPN client in the OSX Dock. I believe the Dashboard was introduced in OSX 10.4 or OSX Tiger. The Dashboard acts as a Space and in OSX 10.7 or OSX Lion they added the ability to easily remove the Dashboard as a space. Follow the directions below to disable Dashboard as a Space or a Desktop screen whichever it is.